Tuesday, August 9, 2011

10 minutes start to finish face!

10 minutes start to finish face!

It’s almost September, and for us Canadians it means that school is going to start up soon!! For us post secondary stude

nts, there’s nothing worse than getting up at the crack of dawn just to drag ourselves out of bed to get to class at 8:30 in the morning. Getting ready should really only take 30 minutes including getting dressed and brushing my teeth. So here’s a make up routine that will take a maximum of 10 minutes from start to finish!!!

First! It is ALWAYS important to prep our face, and to moisturize it. Coffee, late nights, and the weather can dry out our skin, and make us look even more tired than we really are. Psychologically, seeing our tired face makes us feel tired too! So Moisturize skin with a light but hydrating gel.

personally I like the Tony Moly Tomatox, but I've used the Baviphat peach gel before, and it smells yummy and works wonderful as well!!

Then, prep your eyes by curling, and applying primer, and a bit of powder over your eyelids. The powder keeps it even more matte, so that your eyeshadows can truly last over 12 hours. Sometimes after dragging yourself to class, you still need to drag your bum to work. T.T it sucks, but without money. NO SHOPPING!!

Now you can go back to your face, and apply sunscreen. Even though the sun is no longer smiling on us, it’s still going to damage our skin with UV rays, so it’s still very very important to protect our sun to prevent premature wrinkling, and skin cancer! I personally like to use the Neutrogena ones, because they are non greasy, and it stays matte.

Back to the eyes, (notice how I bounce around from face to eyes? This is so that your moisturizer and sunscreen has time to sink into your skin and you’re not wasting time waiting^^) use a light- medium neutral shimmery shade and put it all over your eye. Line the eye, and add mascara. Eyes are done!!

For your face, just top with a powder foundation, I use peripera love pact, because it’s got SPF 40 pa++. Add on a tinted lipbalm and you’re good to go!!

Tips: if find the eye makeup boring, you can always add a pop of color with liner, or just use a nice shimmery colorful shade like a lilac or mint green.

Sometimes, I will put my powder foundation on while I’m travelling to school. It looks a little weird, but trust me, there’s other students on the bus, and it's really fast, you should be able to pat on the foundation in less than a minute!

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